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Dreams Come True With Bigcommerce is web site which is ready to help you improve your business or web site with the help of bigcommerce, the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the world. Actually not many people know that the platform has plenty of different possibilities,which can be really useful while work with web site. Among them are design of the shop,including change of HTML and CSS in browser and throught FTP, hosting and security,including biometric security system and digital security video surveillance, work with image and photos and much more.

The platform which offers, also includes search engine optimization, where can be found free access to SEO training blog and videos, setup of 301 redirect links, XML sitemaps for Google Webmaster Tools, multi-currency support,including automatic visitor currency detection, custom exchange rates if required, marketing by email and marketing in social media. You have a splendid chance to sale with Ebay with the help of platform again, the system of orders acception and deliver can become really easy and quickly if you will use the platform in your work.

You can also achieve promotion if you will use bulk export/import of items, you are able even add vidoes in your goods list or create a video gallery at YouTube. The platform is also ready suggest marketing and promotions, which include sell of products, usage of gift certificate and coupons.Google website optimizer is also very convinient, with the help of it you will easily run multiple test at once and view reports after they finish. Among the product options can be named sell of apparel and computers, setup of unlimited options per product, rules to adjust price, weight, photot and stocks.

Shipping includes different options and payment fucntions, they include support of 50 gateways, use of Paypal, Goggle and Checkout, sell in multiple currencies, acception of orders over the phone, moreover you can use inventory and stock control, content management system, return system, flexible tax rates and settings, in-store merchandising, in-store search and much more.While review you can notice that the plantfor is available for those cutomers,who just came in e-commerce and need secure platform to develop and improve their business.

The platform can be useful also for those who are enterprise e-tailers, for those who want switch their platfor and who is a designer with clients. But no matter what you are looking for, except of the large variety of platform features and options, you can also get discounts. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site