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Dive into Web Hosting Revolution From Globat


Affordable web hosting usually attracts many owners of web business, as the starters and as the professionals, here is not an exception such service It offers many various services and functions for those who are interested in web hosting, and at once offers attractive price. Taking into consideration all the services, it worth to begin with domain registration. Here you can get your own web address, and also create a professional image, build your company‚ÄĚs credibility and make it easier for clients to remember your web address.The lowest price is 16.99$ and the highest price is 34.95$.
offers two main web hosting packages which can be profitable for many clients. Among them are GX1 and GX19, both of the plans offer useful features and the only difference here is in their price. The first plan is available for 4.44$ per month and the second plan can be bought for 19.95$ per month. In the first plan are included unlimited disk space, free domain name, unlimited email accounts, badnwidth, money-back guarantee, free setup, MySQL databases, 15 starter products of shopsite, CGI-BIN and library, PHP4 and PHP5, Perl scripts, SSL secure server, frontpage 2000,2002, 2003 extensions, choice of shopping carts, real audio and video features, macromedia shockwave, MIDI file support, MIME types.
Among the website management features from are fully integrated google custom search, fully integrated google webmaster tools, file manager, FTP manager, password protection, website backup, website creator by CM4all, 100 of professional web templates, POP3 mailboxes, forwarding emails, autoresponders, spam filtering, webmail, form mail, guestbook, content management of Mambo and Joomla, blogging software of wordpress and much more.

Such features as marketing guides, keyword generator, 100$ google adwords credit, 25$ yahoo and bing search marketing credit, free toll free phone number can contribute to promotion of your web site. Marketing services at this web site are divided into several departments, such as web site, advertising, local website traffic and website traffic. Design services can make your web site more attractive and can increase the number of your visitors.

Affiliate programmes does not promise you any discount, but here you can earn a lot of money with it. Globat affiliate program can let you earn 75$ per referral, Reseller programme can let you sell hosting under your own brand, robust plans and products, use reseller support team. And the third affiliate programme let you receive 10$ credit for referring new Globat hosting customers. You can get acquainted more detailed with of the suggested programmes by visiting the official page of the web site and while making a short review. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site