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Fastdomain Can Do A Lot For You is a web hosting service which is sure that reliability is the key to successful work in the internet. The web site is ready to help increase uptime for your web site, improve further promotion and maximize development of your web site. Among the strong features of this web service should be marked out highest customer service, quality equipment,maximum guaranteed uptime, highly fucntional tools for administration, leading feature set, secure backups and solid and honest business.

The main web hosting package of web hosting from can offer web hosting space, free domain name, support international domain names, POP3 secure email support, IMAP and secure IMAP email support, 3 different web based email solutions, gigs of site transfer, forwarding email accounts, email autoresponder, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, additional FTP accounts, MySQL databases, postgreSQL databases, CGI-BIN, CGI-Library, server side includes, frontpage 2000 and 2002 extensions, account “control panel”, FTP access, shell access, override .htacess support, webmail, log files, customizable error pages, custom cronjobs, spam assassin protection.

World class technology features at includes Quad processor performance servers, Linux operating system, customized apache web server, UPS power back-up and back-up generator, day-and-night monitoring, courtesy site backups, OC-48 backbone connection. Bonus features in the main web hosting plan also surprises, they include Bulletin Board, form-mail script, social networking, web blog, mailing lists, image galleries, poll and survey software, moodle, drupal and joomla, project management, PHP5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, support for custom PHP.INI files, Javascript and DHTML, flash and shockwave, help center and support ticket.

While review should be noticed e-commerce features, which can be interesting for those who want improve their work online. These features contain SSL secure server, OS Commerce shopping cart, agora shopping cart, free generated certificate, password protected directories, open PGP and GPG encryption. In multimedia features are included support of streaming video, support of streaming audio, real audio and video support, macromedia shockwave, MIDI file support, add own MIME types and search engine submission.

Domain names can be checked and registered just in several steps at the web site, and as you know this is the key of success for your web business. promotion can contribute to further development of your website. Affiliate programme can be also find among the services of this web site and it offers 65$ per referral. You can easily pass registration just in seconds, and if you got interested you can find much more about this programmer at the official page of the web site. And though it does not offer any discount you can earn good money with the help of it. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site