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Whatever You Need is at Corecommerce

What a list of services offers to clients This web site own all the services which canturn your web site into a real candy.Among them are custom design, Seo services, data migration, store copy, SSL security, domain names. dedicated hosting, resellers, API and much more. To begin with dedicated servers, it should be mentioned that they will suit for quick boost in store power and size, so here you can get semi-dedciated and dedicated server hosting for one month.

The prices for this services of vary from 700$ up to 1400$, moreover only here you can have a special protection of your web site from expected traffic spikes, the price of this services is 700$. Another attractive service is reselling, together with the web site you can become a part of a successful programme, where you are able to earn up to 25% of comissions, there is no fee to become a participant, at once you get unlimited free technical support, unlimited automatic free upgrades, free 15 day trial for your customers, rackspace IT hoting, free shared 256-bit SSL, management of the entire store of your web browser, free online training videos and much more.

How easy it is to create and register a domain name at All you have to do is just check out the name and pay 14.99$ per month. SSL security is also available at this web site, every customer is provided with a free 256-bit encryption of SSL shared certificate. Another interesting service from corecommerce is store copy, what means that if you already have a store and want to have another one but with the same content, then you should turn to the team of professionals, who will be able to move the design, content, products and much more to your new store.

While review it was an interesting offer of adding the 3d party system with corecommerce. You can use information in another system or service, and whithin that can easily help you access to the API server, which has Expert and Premier plan. There is a wide spectrum of Seo services which will actively contribute to the development of your business, including necessary content at pages, meta tags for products, categories, title tags and much more.

You can quickly and easily achieve promotion if you will choose custom design for your web site. Here are represented more than ten design options, image optimization, personalized design, professional look and feel, multiple revisions.The look of your web site is a key to success. The plans of custom design have different prices and different services, which vary from what you need.

The most useful package which can give you discount will cost for you 399$, the other prices of packages vary from 1.999$ even up to 3.499$, however you should not forget that it is a professional set of services, suggested to customers. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site