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Review of Easy-to-build.com Web Hosting Provider

Easy-to-Build web hosting not only offer web hosting services, but will also build the website for its users. Aimed in particular at beginners, this service makes it possible to have a WordPress based website ready for action very quickly.

Once a site has been created, users can customize it easily by taking advantage of an array of provided templates. More experienced users can use additional features or modules to add photo albums, blogs, forums, shopping carts, a list of free advanced scripts and more.

At the moment, it is possible to have this at only $4.95 a month, rising up to the normal monthly price of $7.95 from the fourth month. For this, they can expect 300 Gb of disk space, 300 GB of bandwidth and a free domain name.

Other features include 300 POP3 e-mail accounts, e-mail forwarders and auto responders, as well as 6 MySQL databases, FTP, CGI and PHP, free marketing credits and more. The cPanel user interface makes customization easy even for newcomers.

According to EASY-TO-BUILD reviews, the services provided are certainly promising to be reliable and effective in every way.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to locate any reviews by actual users, although this in itself is typically a good sign – the majority of user reviews are submitted by users that have some reason or another to complain about services.

The overall appearance of reviews in general is that happy users tend to just get on with what they are doing, rather than taking time out to write a positive review. So, not having any reviews certainly points in the right direction.

It is apparently possible to find some EASY-TO-BUILD promo codes, offering either 10% or 25% discounts. Whether these EASY-TO-BUILD discounts can actually be used in combination with the currently reduced introductory price is unknown, but this is worth checking out in any case.

To cut a long story short, this company offers both website building and hosting services at a pretty competitive price. While both disk space and bandwidth are somewhat limited, making this service more suitable for personal use, the features provided are good and even experienced users will be happy with what is on offer.

The use of WordPress and the easy to use cPanel, with its one-click facilities to install a variety of software and applications provided, certainly adds to the benefit for beginners and experienced users alike. Easy-to-build.com promo code.

easy-to-build.com promotion codePromotions of the Web HostingWeb Hosting Discount