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The Benefits of Easyasphosting

While visit of easyasphosting.com you can understand that this site has a lot to suggest you. The main accent this web site makes on high-qualified service of customers, support, consultation and of course web hosting. There are three different packages among which you can choose the one that will help you promote your own web site and services. You can check up Starter, Standard and Premium hosting packages, which prices vary from 4.99$ to 14.99$.
Moreover there is a list of advantages that suggests you every of the named packages.

For example, the Starter suggests you 250 Mb of server space, 5 gig of bandwidth limit, 50 email accounts, 50 email aliases, 5 FTP users, 1 sub-domain. The Standart can offer 500 Mb of server space, 10 gig of bandwidth limit, 150 email accounts, 150 email aliases, 7 FTP users, 3 sub-domains. And the Premium gives 1000 Mb of server space, 15 gig of bandwidth limit, 350 email accounts, 350 email aliases, 10 FTP users, 5 sub-domains.

Moreover Easyasphosting.com is ready suggest a great variety of additional benefits in each hosting package. First of all, should be mentioned 30 days guarantee, free additional services about domain names, free technical support, web hosting controller, full power backup, day-and-night monitoring, access to raw log files.Also here are added WAP compliance, Flash, Shockwave, control panel, web based email client, auto-responders, list of contacts, creation and management of user accounts, filtration of spam, virus protection, creation and management of folders. The list can be extended. And you can get acquainted with it properly at easyasphosting.com.

Among the wide spectrum of services can be named also selection of a domain name, there are different addresses available while easyasphosting.com review. There are com. net, org, info, biz, ca, us and cc addresses and their prices vary from 14.99$ to 29.99$. Moreover, the main advantage which you can find at this web site is reseller plan that you can get due to your individual preferences. It is quite easy for your to fill the application and send it to support service. After your application will be checked you can discuss with support service if the plan really fits you.

About easyasphosting.com discounts you can figure out by calling at the support service, it is ready to help 24/7.Moreover the additional consultation can be gotten in flash books and in other variants of support. With this web site, you will get not only reliable,safe and useful consultation but also will splendid easyasphosting.com promotion for your web site or business services.

easyasphosting.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site