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Learn Everything About Eboundhost

Eboundhost.com is considered to be an original and professional web hosting provider, which is ready suggest unlimited business and web hosting, Linux virtual servers, dedicated servers. Here are not many different features, such as site creation, optimization, but here can be really qualified hosting by accessible prices. Unlimited hosting package is ready suggest uninterrupted uptime, unlimited quantity of domains, additional domains, free new domain or transfer, international domains, SSH accesses, Static IP option, Windows compatibility, Apple Mac OS compatibility, day-and-night support, 90 days of guarantee, 99.9 uptime guarantee, day-and-night monitoring uptime, unlimited amount of email addresses, unlimited email addresses, webmail, POP3/ IMAP Secure mail, spam protection, Cpanel, backup and restore utility, and much more just in the first packages.The price is only 4$ per month.

The second package which suggests eboundhost.com is the Business hosting. With this package you can enjoy stability and uptime of your business, moreover this plan offers a lot of advantages in comparison to the other hosting plans. Here you get maximum of 120 domains and 40 total users, while there other plans suggest 2000 of web sites. But with the help of only 39 clients there are less outages, hacks, denial of service attacks and less problems. The price of the packages starts with 29$ per month. You get also not only eboundhost.com promotion, but also uptime guarantee with this package, what means that the only inaccessibility here is 15 minutes per month, which is very good result in comparison to the other sites, and taking to consideration all the hacking attempts and servicing thousands of non-stop requests in the running dynamics on the internet..

Dedicated hosting, which can be found also among Eboundhost.com is divided into four packages. All the servers of hosting packages are built by in-house admins from the top-shelf enterprise components by such vendors as Intel, LSI, Supermicro, Seagate and Western Digital. Among the packages are Atom, Dual, Quad and Eight, all of them have their advantages of work.While eboundhost.com review you understand that in dedicated hosting you can also get customize security options, complete business isolation, unlimited resource usage, customizable hosting environment and easy hardware upgrade.

In VPS hosting packages you can get the best eboundhost.com discounts. There are four hosting plans, among them are VPS 150, VPS 600, VPS 1500 and VPS 2500 you can also check them out at the web site.
eboundhost.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site