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Get Experienced Hosting with iPower.com

iPower.com is an experienced web site which suggests such web hosting services as web hosting plans, Windows hosting, VPS hosting, domains creation, SSL certificate, Microsoft Exchange, search marketing, web design and much more. Here is represented the most powerful options for your business or web site. If you need promotion or further development of your web site, you can also turn to help center, where you will get the answers to all your questions.

iPower.com has a variety of different web hosting plans, among them are Starter plan, Pro plan, Pro Plus plan, Windows Pro Plan and VPS plans. Starting with the first three plans, you have an opportunity to choose web hosting due to it”s features and prices. The price vary from 3.95$ to 11.95$ per month, as for the hosting features they include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, personalized domain name, MySQL database, ShopSite, FTP account, POP3 email accounts, forwarding accounts and auto responder, spam email filtering, browser-based email, web site creator by CM4, website creator pages, website creator design templates, CGI-BIN, PHP 4, Support, Perl Support, frontpage 2000 and 2002 extensions, web site statistics, web site back up software, web hosting control panel.

iPower.com also offers various marketing guides, among which are the Primer for design, issue press releases, lists in search engine and much more. For those who are interested in commerce features, they are also included, among them can be named osCommerce shopping cart, agora shopping cart, paypal payment services, shopsite. Marketing and promotion features offers 100$ google adwords credits, 25$ yahoo and bing search marketing credits, 50$ facebook advertising, free yellowpages.com listing, free toll-free phone number, google webmaster tools, carbonite online backups.

While iPower.com review should be mentioned and web statistics features which usually absent at different web sites. Among them are graphical web statistic program, access logs, error logs, hosting utilities such as file manager, FTP manager and secure FTP are also included. There are powerful plugins and java plugins at this web site, they contain GuestBook, php BB, blogging software, chat.Moreover here you can find a wide list of world class technology such as 100% wind power, high performance servers, multiple gigabit and fiberoptic connections of diverse backbones, 2 data center location, cisco routers using BGP4 protocol, netApp snapshot data backups, UPS power backup, diesel backup generator and network monitoring.

iPower.com promotion
of your web site is also available with marketing tools and with partnershop programms, about which you can find out more at the official page of the web site. These programs are not able to provide you with iPower.com discount but they are still very profitable, as they suggest earning of 100$ per one referral.

iPower.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site