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Efficient Web Hosting Solutions from Ipowerweb

Creation of a web site is not an easy thing, taking into consideration all the variety of different services and products today on th emarket. Before the start of web site creation it can be recommended to define with all the functions or options that you need. Ipowerweb.com is a web site which can easily help you to create your own web site. Among the main features which can offer this web site are web hosting plans, domains creation, Windows hosting and dedicated hosting.

The main ipowerweb.com web hosting plans are represented with three packages, they are Ready site plan, Pro Site, Site and Store plan. The first plan is good for hobby, non-profit and personal sites, the second will suite for starters of business, as it includes different tools, advertising credits and stores. And the third plan will be an ideal option for those who want to have an online store, who can put full inventory online, run promotions, manage shipping, customize checkout and accounting.

For those who got interested with any of the mentioned web hosting packages from ipowerweb.com, will be interesting also such services as domain creation. Here it is available to register a domain address for 13.99$ per year, moreover you are able to check the domain name and choose the one which is free. By the way Business Pro package is considered to be the best top selling solution at this web site, as it contains 100 Gb, 1000 emails, SSL, CGI- BIN, 5 MySQL databases, email forwarding, free setup, domain name, autoresponders, various commerce features, multimedia capabilities, world class technologies and marketing and promotion solutions.

While ipowerweb.com review should be also marked out three package of Dedicated servers. They are CPS 100, CPS 200 and CPS 300, the first package costs 129$ per month, the second you can get for 149$ per month and the third package is available for 169$.All the packages include such features as 99.99% IP network availability, 4 datacenter locations, day-and-night proactive monitoring, free server reboots, day-and-night hands-on services, web based server control panel, promotion and marketing backroom and detail documentation and guides.

Moreover it is easy not only to get ipowerweb.com promotion of your web site, but also to earn money with the help of different affiliate programmes. There are three main affiliate programmes, they are referral programmes, affiliate programme and reseller programmes, which allow you to earn from 10 up to 100$ per one client. Help Center is ready to answer all the questions you have about the suggested services, here you are also able to get consultation about selling your services online, getting your business more productive and achieving ipowerweb.com discounts. This web site understands customers” needs, priorities and can satisfy the requirements even of a very demanding client.

ipowerweb.com Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site