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Worldwide hosting from Eleven2 is a web site which specializes in providing customer web hosting services in different countries and cities, such as USA and Great Britain. Moreover the web site has many interesting services with which it is ready to share. First of all it should be mentioned that except common web hosting packages, are offered reseller hosting, cloud servers, domain names, hosting coupons, and comfortable Eleven2 panel which is accessible at iPhones.

Web hosting at is divided into 4 packages, moreover the prices differ not only by plans from each other, but also from the term of time you buy it. So, there are 4 hosting plans and they are S-100, S-200, S-300 and S-400.The first plan S-100 offers 10 Gb of storage space, 50 Gb of monthly bandwidth, 10 domains and free instant setup, and it is available for 44.55$ a year. The second plan S-200 offers 250 Gb of storage space, 20,000 Gb monthly bandwidth and unlimited domains, it”s price is 72$ a year. The third plan is S-300 can be bought for 144$ a year and includes 500 Gb of storage space, 40,000 Gb of monthly bandwidth, moreover here are added unlimited domains, free instant setup, free dedicated IP address and free SSL certificate.

And the last plan of common web hosting S-400 includes 999,999 Gb of storage space, 999,999 monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains, free instant setup, free SSL certificate and free dedicated IP address. Reseller hosting plans at are also divided into four packages and they are R-100, R-200, R-300 and R-400. The first plan starts with 14.96$ and 100 Gb of storage space, 1,000 Gb of monthly bandwidth, clientExec or WHMCS and dedicated IP address. The last plan R-400 offers maximum it has for 59.96$, it is 500 Gb of storage space, 4,000 of monthly bandwidth, clientExec or WHMCS, dedicated IP address.

While review can be noticed one tendency, the price is lower when you choose service for a long term, agree that it is really profitable for you. So the longer is the period of time you choose, the lower is price. Cloud servers is another service which is offered by this web site, they have enormous variety of 10 servers, which are available for minimum 12.50$ and maximum 600$ per month. Among the most useful features here can be mentioned instantly scale, flexible pricing, software choices, technical support, community support forum, free server monitoring, free DNS management, VIP premium support and much more. discount
can be gotten while registration of domain names, the price per year begins with 13$ and finishes with 22$. With the help of the most modern and comfortable system you can register or transfer domain online in minutes, you can manage and edit nameservers, settings and everything with Eleven2 control panel. This offer is really profitable as the price for domain names per month is just 1.25$. Eleven2
can be easily achieved with any of the mentioned services, they all are really contemporary and has a lot to offer in different areas. You can get acquainted with them more detailed and decide for yourself what you need. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site