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How to built your web site at Netfirms is a web site that is provider of different kinds of services, including web hosting, domain name search and registration, ecommerce, email hosting, emarketing services and technology solutions. The web site works with families, small home offices, establishes businesses and large corporations. With the help of this site you can create also your own site just in minutes, it offers attractive and affordable prices and web hosting services.

There are three main web hosting plans at, they are The Plus plan, The advantage plan, The business plan. The first plan is intended for small forms and companies, which can get unlimited diskspace, monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain, drag and drop builder, ready-to-go websites, 1 click application, customer support, clustered hosting, multi-website hosting, ecommerce enabled, available google adwords and facebook credits, free listing, yahoo and bing credits, google webmaster tools and much more. This package is available for 4.45$ per month.

The second plan at which is The Advantage plan is available for 8.95$ per month. The only difference here is that 100 of Multiple FTP Accounts and 2 free domains, all the other services are also included. The third plan The Business plan has unlimited amount of Multiple FTP Accounts, 5 free domains, and in customer support is included Premium Customer Support.

While review was found such service as domain creation for 9.95$ per year. Among the advantages of this service can be named ease of use with the help of control panel, quickly management of domains, subdomains, domain forwarding, a-records, name servers, locking and much more. The process of domain registration takes just several minutes. Moreover here you are able to build your online store in minutes, as to your attention is represented ecommerce services.

Here among the main features of ecommerce services, which contribute to promotion of your web site are easy installation, customer status modes, categories and products, fully customizable catalog templates, global ecommerce ready, catalog status modes, customer retention tools, powerful administration tool. You are also able to protect you shopping cart with SSL certificate with one click from within your control panel. discount
is intended for ecommerce service and here is respresented the most attractive price of 12.95$ for two years. You can get acquainted with all the features and offers for your business by visiting the official page of the web site. Here you will find much more information, which will help you create, promote and develop your business. At help center you can communicate with live support which will help you with that and will answer to all your questions. Web Hosting ReviewsPromotions of the Web HostingVisit Web Hosting Site